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If you have got this far, you will know already that Rebecca Burton is the author of two novels for young adults, Leaving Jetty Road and Beyond Evie.

You probably also suspect that she is working on a third novel, and if so, you are right. But don't hold your breath – inspiration comes in fits and spurts and sometimes (in fact, mostly) in trickles.

There are many other things you might suspect. That's okay. Rebecca does not confirm or deny rumours and suspicions about her.

Here are some other things Rebecca loves:

  • the song of a shrike-thrush drifting in through her living-room window
  • books that make her cry, and laugh, and cry again (as well as books that just make her cry)
  • walking in her patch of local scrub (where, if she's very lucky, she might bump into a kangaroo with a joey, or catch a glimpse of an echidna trundling through the undergrowth
  • a pot of strong Assam tea with soy milk
  • camping at Yorke Peninsula
  • baking cakes (oh, and eating them, too!)
  • the musty smell of wattle blossom falling through the air
  • the songs of ABBA (yes, that's right – all of their songs. Don't worry – she likes other music, too, like Hank Williams, the Carter family and Portishead for starters ... )
  • the designs of William Morris
  • blogging about books and birds and words over at her blog, twenty-one words.

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