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I’m currently hunkering down to brainstorm my next book. At present, my two previously published books (below) are no longer for sale in print, though you may be able to download ebook versions.

Watch this space for more news!

Leaving Jetty Road

Leaving Jetty Road Cover

‘If there was one thing you could change about yourself,’ Lise says, ‘what would it be?’

‘Lots of stuff,’ I say, without giving it too much thought. ‘What about you?’

She doesn’t answer. For ages, she doesn’t answer. She creases an unused sugar packet on the café table into tiny, deliberate folds, then unfolds it again. Then she says, quietly, ‘I’d change everything.’

‘Everything?’ I echo.

She nods. ‘My clothes. My body. My self.’

Nat, Lise and Sofia are friends – best friends.

This year, their lives will change for ever.

This is the year that Nat – the go-between, the peacemaker – gets a job and meets a drop-dead gorgeous chef called Josh.

This is the year that Sofia – the ultimate guy-magnet – has her nose pierced and falls seriously in love for the first time in her life.

This is the year that Lise – quiet, shy, solitary Lise – decides to take control of her life by taking control of her weight.

When you change, you change forever.

But not all change is for the best...

Beyond Evie

Beyond Evie Cover

Charlotte has a good life. She’s a gifted athlete and she loves hanging out with her friends. It’s true, she doesn’t talk much about how she feels since her father’s death – but that’s just Charlotte. That’s the way she is.

Now there’s something else she doesn’t want to talk about, either.

How can she tell anyone about what happened last year?

How can she tell anyone about Evie?

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